Clinic and Hospital
Clinic and hospital allow us to cover a constantly growing number of patients for acute and long-term care. We use a complementary medical approach. Presently, we treat about 130 patients each day. We also care for pregnant women and help deliveries - preferably in the villages.

Since 1998, a team composed of the hospitals in Stenum and Neuruppin, Germany, has regularly performed surgery on children with Polio, clubfeet and other bodily deformities in Asha Vihar.

To allow for follow-up treatment and limb correction all year round, we provide physiotherapy, plastering and produce supporting orthopaedic devices.

Our work in the villages
Additionally, we conduct prevention programs in the villages (e.g. cleaning drinking water wells and providing vaccination, if this is asked for). And we provide diverse acute and long-term support in various critical life situations.

Our Children
To support orphans, poor families or those with many children, we invite children to live with us in Asha Vihar. We provide education and later train them in a qualified profession. There are three mud house in our children village that will eventually allow us to take on up to 60 children.

Professional Training
We are officially acknowledged by the WHO to train students in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Community health care. During the 3 years of their training, the students work and live with us in the project. Many stay to carry on our idea.

In addition, we train our children and other helpers in practical disciplines such as orthopaedic technique, physiotherapy, birth assistance, and health care. We hope to soon provide basic education and professional training for adults, particularly for women.

Information Campaigns
We work in close co-operation with a theatre group that performs excellent informative and humorous sketches in the local villages. These sketches cover health issues and address social problems. For the largely illiterate rural population, they are comprehensive and show up solutions for long standing problems.

We are trying to become more and more self-reliant by growing our own fruit and vegetables. We have our own hydrogenating wells ,which allow us to grow and sell our own healing plant remedies


Plans for the Future
Our trained staff is to leave this project to start new ones of this kind. Our aim here is to create a network of health care and support in this area.

We are glad to see that the village people like to share their traditions with us: They sing, dance and play their traditional music in Asha Vihar, and frequently perform their festivals and spiritual rituals there.

(the former Peace Bird Society):

The JOHAR-Society is a non-profit society for complementary and holistic rehabilitation, care and development. It is not bound by confession or political interest. Our members and staff work without pay or on minimal weigh. There are virtually no salary or administrative costs. All donations go directly to the unbureaucratic and discernible aid in Asha Vihar.

"Johar" is the welcome greeting among the local indigenous people. This name expresses our respect and love for this people. This is also the reason why we have changed the name from Peace Bird Society to JOHAR-Society and for calling our institute JOHAR-Hospital.